Kisses, I’m in a hurry / 2018-


I was 18 when I moved out from home, first to Eger and then to Budapest. As a student I went home often, and when my adult life became more stable the visits naturally happened less often. The need from my parents to take care of their kiddid not reducemy mom picked a new solution for the continuity to see us: she is rather travelling to Budapest.

This care may also affect different areas of life and as an attribute of the caring parent, she always carries carefully packed plastic food boxes. To her visits to Pest she always arrives with full packages. There is almost no clothes in her trolley suitcase to have a place for food that is prepared for the grown-ups of children by day and night before the trip. Sometimes we do not even see each other because she only pops in for a short time, just to leave the food boxes. In such cases she usually leaves a longer message, but sometimes she only writes: Kisses, I’m in a hurry.