HOME/WARD BOUND/LESS // group show


Viola Fátyol | Aslan Goisum | Barnabás Neogrády-Kiss | Iulia Toma


1036 Budapest, Lajos utca 158.

Curator: Nikolett Erőss
Opening: 29 January, 2020 6 pm
On view: 30 Januray 2020 – 15 March 2020

‘The exhibition deals with the phenomena of homelessness and transience, the no-man’s-land which lies between the necessity of leaving one’s home and the desire to return, a place where too many people are forced to live. There are many reasons why people lose what they had thought to have been a secure world or never even have any sense of security, but for many, this loss or this state is a fundamental experience which has left a deep, life-defining imprint that has been part of their lives since birth.’