Viola Fátyol

Solo exhibition / STAYS BETWEEN US / Ferenczy Múzeum, Szentendre, HU

Stays Between Us
Ferenczy Múzeum, Szentendre
2016. szeptember 3 - október 2.
curator: Szilágyi Zsófia

"Laconic, intimate photos, expression attempts.  
Viola Fátyol carries out self-searching photo analysis in a context that is given and unavoidable for all of us: in the inexhaustible heritage of unbreakable family ties written in our faces.  
The 30-year old artist searches for her place in her own family, evokes and relives memories in her play consisting of clear-cut images, breaking away from real relationships and personal experiences, thus creating general symbolism."
The exhibition was part of the Art Capital 2016 Festival, and featured the Family Drawing and In Between series.