Viola Fátyol

Solo exhibition / IF YOU HAVE A HEART... / Art Market Budapest

2017. 12-15. October
Art Market Budapest

The project 'If you have a heart...' was awarded as Best Portfolio at the Budapest Portfolio Review in April, 2017, thank you!
The award included the opportunity of a solo exhibition in the booth of Robert Capa Center at Art Market Budapest. The portfolio award also included a participaton in the workshop organized by Magnum Agency in September 2017.

The reviewers of the Budapest Portfolio Review were:
Bencsik, Barnabás (ACAX)
Elina Brotherus (photographer)
Csizek, Gabriella (Mai Manó Ház)
Fenyvesi, Áron (Trafó Galéria)
Földvári, Zoltán (Trapéz Galéria)
Stuart Franklin (MAGNUM Photos)
Fabian Knierim (Westlicht, Vienna)
Kopeczki, Róna (acb Galéria)
Zuzana Lapitkova (OFF Festival, Bratislava)
Max Pinckers (MAGNUM Photos)
Rieder, Gábor (ArtKartell)
Lisa Springer (Candlestar/Prix Pictet)

"The evaluation of the consultants
Through a high degree of humanity and sensitivity, Viola Fátyol’s work is a brave effort to show ways to cope with loss. The fact that she engages in a process to map different strategies to deal with pain by integrating the community and taking part in the women’s choir is making the work believable. The way she addresses female aspects is genuine, authentic yet accurate. She reflects the female bonding, the common female knowledge and wisdom with the help of humour, in which she also identifies a refreshing ingredient fostering relief and healing."