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2017. 03. 14. /// 09:15

Capa Grand Prize 2016

It is a great honor, that the series ‘If you have a heart, what you did to me hurts you too’ got the Capa Grand Prize established by the Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center, Budapest.

Many thanks to the members of the Folk Choir of Vámospércs for accepting me and honoring me with their love.

2016. 10. 26. /// 15:36

Stays Between Us

The solo exhibition ‘Stays between us’ was open from 3 September to 16 October, 2016, in Ferenczy Museum, Szentendre. The show was part of the Art Capital 2016 Festival, Szentendre, Hungary.

“In her photo series Family Drawing (2008–2013) and In Between (2013–2014), as well as in her earlier work Orando et laborando or her recent series of the Folk Song Choir of Vámosprécs, she focuses on the human relationships between the members of a group. Viola Fátyol researches the inner life of the family, the smallest community that is given for all of us. Nevertheless her passionate devotion to this theme cannot be regarded as art for art’s sake. The photographer needs to be courageous and able to see through her models to portray highly personal contents such as family bonds and memories. In her photos, past and present are cast on each other. The artist’s self-portrait evolves from the time travel during which subtle but sometimes embarrassing iconographical allusions appear, depicting the question of self-definition in a broader context.

The selection on display at the current exhibition has been perhaps the most extensive so far. The two broken series correspond to each other. Her earliest photo series Open Secret, in which she first dealt with the theme, is exhibited again after a long time. After examining several aspects of her starting point, Fátyol reveals general relations that are well-known to the viewer.”

2016. 10. 26. /// 15:23

Petőfi Literary Museum / Re:peta

New contemporary video art exhibition of Petőfi Literary Museum, as a supporting exhibition for the major temporary show entitled Writers and Food / Literature on the Table.

Exhibited artists: Erika Baglyas, Ágnes Eperjesi, Marcell Esterházy, Viola Fátyol

The exhibition is open until 31 December 2016.

2016. 10. 26. /// 14:34

Capa Grand Prize Hungary 2016

The ongoing work “If you have a heart, what you did to me hurts you too” is one of the three shortlisted projects of this year’s Capa Grand Prize. The Folksong Choir of Vámospércs and I are very happy and proud!

2016. 08. 17. /// 15:45

Bird in Flight Magazine / 10 favorite photos of Viola Fátyol

Article on ten favorite photos of my own in the Russian Bird in Flight magazine

“Bird in Flight asked Viola Fátyol, a Hungarian photographer to choose 10 photos from her archive that have the most meaning to her, and tell us about each of them.”

2016. 06. 05. /// 13:13

If you have a heart // Exhibition in Prague

Exhibition at the Academy of Arts Architecture and Design (UMPRUM) in Prague, Czech Republic.
Gallery 207 / Supermedia Studio / 23-26 May, 2016
Artist presentation: 24 May

/documentation here/

2016. 06. 05. /// 12:59

Calvert Journal // Budapest’s best photographers

We are all really honored by this title.

2016. 04. 25. /// 15:42

Looks Familiar

solo show / Hungarian Institute of Bratislava / 6 November 2015 / curator: Gabriella Csizek

2015. 11. 08. /// 16:29

Photography (The Retoucher)

P h o t o g r a p h y (The Retoucher)
An exhibition of Viola Fátyol and Anna Nemes
Curated by: József Mélyi
Opening: November 3, 2015, Tuesday, 7 pm
Artist talk: November 18, 2015, Wednesday, 6 pm

Pál Zolnay’s film entitled Photography was released in 1973. In this film the main characters, the photographer and the retoucher travel to the countryside, and offer to the villagers to take photographs of them or retouch their old photos. During the commissions the difference between their points of view become more and more perceptible: while the photographer wishes to capture reality as faithfully as possible, the retoucher finds idealized pictures marketable. While the conflict between them slowly develops, the question arises: how can reality be grasped?
Viola Fátyol and Anna Nemes, the photographer and the painter examine the problematics of the graspability of today’s world with the help of their own (double) portraits.

2015. 11. 08. /// 14:41

If you have a heart, what you did to me, hurts you too / Pictures from the Folk-song Choir of Vámospércs

This solo show was a summation of the long-term project with the folk-song choir of Vámospércs. In the three rooms of the gallery different types of works were exhibited, such as photographic portraits, documentary series, videos, interviews and texts, so as to shed light on the chapters of the two years we had spent together with the member of the choir.

2015. 11. 08. /// 11:05

When you have no more tools left / Viola Fátyol’s pictures from Budapest-Keleti

Some of the photos taken in September 2015 in Budapest-Keleti Railway Station have been published on artPortal.

2015. 10. 11. /// 21:11

In focus: 29 women photographers picturing the new east

Proud to be a part of this list on Calvert Journal

2015. 10. 08. /// 11:03

The lives of others / The Calvert Journal

‘Why eastern Europe’s photographers are putting the family in focus?’

written by Anastasiia Fedorova, with the ‘Family Drawing’ series among other works of great photographers

2015. 05. 18. /// 06:43

Scenes from a marriage / The Calvert Journal

An article on ‘Family Drawing’ series, written by Anastasiia Fedorova, on the prestigious site of The Calvert Journal, a guide to the contemporary culture of central and eastern Europe

2015. 05. 18. /// 06:34

Second Skin

Second Skin – Visual codes of social constructions

group exhibition in the Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center, Budapest, HU

opening: 29.09.2014.

2014. 09. 25. /// 07:23

Interior photos from the ‘I and He/She’ exhibition

2014. 07. 08. /// 10:46

Me and Him / exhibition with Pál Gerber


2014. 07. 08. /// 10:43

Private nationalism

International Exhibition and Programmes / Hungarian opening: 2014.05.08, Pécs, HU / curators: Marton Pacsika, Rita Varga

The PRIVATE NATIONALISM PROJECT reflects on the rise of nationalism in the post-socialist countries in the last twenty years. It approaches the topic of nationalism from below, conceiving the phenomenon not as something beyond private life, imposed on citizens by outside forces, but very much exists and prospers at the micro level as well. Art and culture are very much part of the nation building process as well as being the disciplines that are able to detect hidden elements, to decode messages and to subvert the hypnotic mechanism of how nationalism gets involved with our daily lives. The process of inscription, the daily routine of “privatization” of nationalism, and how artists observe and comment on it is in the center of the project.

2014. 05. 12. /// 13:40

Observations – Hungarian House of Photography

New article with images from the ‘Family Drawing’ series on the blog of Hungarian House of Photography / the texts are from the book ‘Present Continuous – Observations’ published by Hungarian House of Photography, 2011 / texts by: Gabriella Csizek, Attila Horányi, Viola Fátyol

2014. 04. 03. /// 21:16

Picture gallery on Index

Picture gallery and short text about the series Orando et Laborando on popular Hungarian news website Index

2014. 03. 27. /// 17:13

In the Meantime, In Between Time

Faur Zsófi Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

25 March 2014 (Tuesday), 7 p.m
Opening speech by Gábor Pfisztner, art critic
The exhibition is on view until 25 April 2014.

The exhibition In the Meantime, in Between Time is the first solo exhibition of Viola Fátyol in Faur Zsófi Gallery. It presents two series from the artist: the Orando et Laborando and the still ongoing In Between.

press release on

2014. 03. 26. /// 21:04


Sári Ember és Viola Fátyol’s  project ‘Fieldwork’ examines two communities living in two different contexts. In the last months Sári Ember has frequented the Hungarian Colony in São Paulo (Brazil) and Viola Fátyol has joined the Folk Song Choir in Vámospércs (Hungary). They were examining the everyday life of these communities, events of preserving tradition and their complex national identity.

They both work on a participatory base, and both experience the emic and etic approach of cultural research: they attempt to handle the methods of objective observation and the subjectivity of personal participating at the same time.

2014. 02. 16. /// 10:21

Le cocon familial

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2014. 01. 26. /// 08:52

The artist is present / ArtPlacc Budapest Edition

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2013. 12. 11. /// 19:23

Portraits Between Reality and Fiction / 2013

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2013. 11. 11. /// 19:42

Outer Space, 2013


The work was made as part of the project ‘Outer Space’: Stand out every week / Contemporary art in front of Kunsthalle, which is a protest against the rigid cultural political movements of today.

2013. 11. 04. /// 19:32