Viola Fátyol

Group exhibition / VIEWFINDERS / Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center

VIEWFINDERS – Hungarian photography from the past half century 1967-2017

Open to the public:
2017. 10. 08. – 2017. 11. 19.
Curators: Gabriella Csizek, Kata Balázs

"The exhibition showcases a selection from the images presented at the National Museum in Warsaw, with the title The Way They See. An Overview of Hungarian Photography, as part of the Hungarian Cultural Season 2016/2017.

After earning great success in Warsaw, the now re-arranged showcase in the Capa Center stems off from the last half-century of Hungarian photography.

Based on core material from the original exhibition, VIEWFINDERS strives to refine and expand our knowledge of the last five decades in Hungarian photography via presenting the significant authors and artworks, starting from the watershed exhibition Műhely’67 until the present day Hungarian photography. Although the exhibition is arranged in a loose chronological order, it still provides space for the changes occurring in the dominant photographic processes and approaches over the period in question. Owing to this, the exhibition highlights the applications of photography as fine-art or documentary, their interrelations with nodes and intersections, as well as the possible routes of the transition between the two."