Viola Fátyol

Group show / SANTOPALATO / Korean Cultural Center Budapest

curated by: Judit Szalipszki, freelance curator
open to the public:
30/05/2018 – 31/07/2018

Participants: Szabolcs Barakonyi, Gabó Bartha, Dániel Bozzai, Marcell Esterházy, Andrea Fajgerné Dudás, Viola Fátyol, Luca Gőbölyös, Imre Lepsényi, Dorottya Poór, Eszter Ágnes Szabó, Dominika Trapp, Jiwon Woo, Ilona Németh (lecture)

"Beyond the biological reality and its primary function of relieving hunger, food is a complex social phenomenon: it is the alpha and omega of numerous social, cultural, economic, political, and ecological processes.(...)Diet is a key component of personal, community, or national identity: consuming food or drink may be a form of practicing one’s cultural identity, while the refusal to eat can be a political act."


Paranormal Archaeology - a visual lesson of yellow journalism*
7th April - 4th May, 2018. 
Opening: 7pm, 6th April, 2018.
Opening speech: János SZOBOSZLAI, art historian

Exhibitors: Viola FÁTYOL (H), Sebastian KOMACEK (SK), Dionýz TROSKÓ (SK), Jozef VANCO (SK) Coordinator: Bea ISTVÁNKÓ (H)

Group show / DERKÓ 2018 / Kunsthalle Budapest

Installation view of my series 'Ongoing Anxiety' (working title) at the exhibition of young artists under the age of 35 awarded with the Derkovits-fellowship HU. 

Portfolio Review / PLAT(T)FORM 2018 / Fotomuseum Winterthur

Looking forward being part of the annual portfolio review of Fotomuseum Winterthur


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Solo exhibition / IF YOU HAVE A HEART... / Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center

/ final exhibition of Capa Grand Prize Hungary 2016 /
20 October - 20 November, 2017

"Viola Fátyol started working with the members of the Folklore Choral Society of Vámospércs in 2013. During the time spent together, the initial participatory observation eventually transformed into a mutually supportive friendship. During the common singing practice, the young author slowly became a member of the group; she did not only get a uniform and got to take part in the performances but found supportive partners for her personal development as well. The experience-based pieces of advice and individual life stories of the older generation, as well as the lines of folksongs, meant an important point of reference for her going through the easier and more difficult phases of life, and getting along in the intricate maze of love. As human relationships themselves change, so did the creative process transform, in which the author of the images slowly became one of the subjects of the pictures as well." (Judit Gellér)

Interior images of the exhibition /

Solo exhibition / IF YOU HAVE A HEART... / Art Market Budapest

2017. 12-15. October
Art Market Budapest

The project 'If you have a heart...' was awarded as Best Portfolio at the Budapest Portfolio Review in April, 2017, thank you!
The award included the opportunity of a solo exhibition in the booth of Robert Capa Center at Art Market Budapest. The portfolio award also included a participaton in the workshop organized by Magnum Agency in September 2017.

The reviewers of the Budapest Portfolio Review were:
Bencsik, Barnabás (ACAX)
Elina Brotherus (photographer)
Csizek, Gabriella (Mai Manó Ház)
Fenyvesi, Áron (Trafó Galéria)
Földvári, Zoltán (Trapéz Galéria)
Stuart Franklin (MAGNUM Photos)
Fabian Knierim (Westlicht, Vienna)
Kopeczki, Róna (acb Galéria)
Zuzana Lapitkova (OFF Festival, Bratislava)
Max Pinckers (MAGNUM Photos)
Rieder, Gábor (ArtKartell)
Lisa Springer (Candlestar/Prix Pictet)

"The evaluation of the consultants
Through a high degree of humanity and sensitivity, Viola Fátyol’s work is a brave effort to show ways to cope with loss. The fact that she engages in a process to map different strategies to deal with pain by integrating the community and taking part in the women’s choir is making the work believable. The way she addresses female aspects is genuine, authentic yet accurate. She reflects the female bonding, the common female knowledge and wisdom with the help of humour, in which she also identifies a refreshing ingredient fostering relief and healing."

Group exhibition / VIEWFINDERS / Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center

VIEWFINDERS – Hungarian photography from the past half century 1967-2017

Open to the public:
2017. 10. 08. – 2017. 11. 19.
Curators: Gabriella Csizek, Kata Balázs

"The exhibition showcases a selection from the images presented at the National Museum in Warsaw, with the title The Way They See. An Overview of Hungarian Photography, as part of the Hungarian Cultural Season 2016/2017.

After earning great success in Warsaw, the now re-arranged showcase in the Capa Center stems off from the last half-century of Hungarian photography.

Based on core material from the original exhibition, VIEWFINDERS strives to refine and expand our knowledge of the last five decades in Hungarian photography via presenting the significant authors and artworks, starting from the watershed exhibition Műhely’67 until the present day Hungarian photography. Although the exhibition is arranged in a loose chronological order, it still provides space for the changes occurring in the dominant photographic processes and approaches over the period in question. Owing to this, the exhibition highlights the applications of photography as fine-art or documentary, their interrelations with nodes and intersections, as well as the possible routes of the transition between the two."

Group exhibition / FOTOISTANBUL 2017

The Fotoistanbul presents the project "If you have a heart..." in Istanbul
17. September - 17. October, 2017

Group exhibition / OSTRALE 2017 / Dresden, G

RE_FORM / Ostrale 2017
11th International Exhibition Dresden, 28.7. - 01.10.2017
/Participation in the show with the ongoing project 'Pas en mon nom'/

"OSTRALE – Biennale is the third largest exhibition for contemporary art in Germany.
OSTRALE's guiding principles, such as peaceful coexistence, acceptance of the stranger / unknown, respect for each other, religious diversity and internationality, are reflected in the exhibitions.

re_form: a question of identity
The 11th edition of OSTRALE will take up an essential topic of the European Capitals of Culture: We raise the questions about human identity and new spaces in light of the refugee and migration movements in past and present, an amplified tendency toward nationalism as well as the dissolution of the European community of values (e.g. „Brexit"). Could Art in its materiality be a bridge between different identities, that overlap but don't merge?" (

Group exhibition / EVERYWHERE YOU LOOK / Viltin Gallery, HU

Everywhere you look | Young Hungarian Photographers
April 20, 2017 - May 6, 2017

Dávid BIRÓ | Viola FÁTYOL | Márk MARTINKÓ | Ildikó PÉTER | Péter SÁRKÖZI | Katalin SZÁRAZ

The cooperation of VILTIN Gallery and Photon- Center of Contemporary Photography showcases the latest tendencies of the contemporary photography of the Western Balkans region and Hungary through the works of emerging artists. Selected by an international jury the artists, coming from ex-Yugoslavia and Hungary, are presented in sequence of two exhibitions.

The different positions framed by the second exhibition, everywhere you look | Young Hungarian Photographers, cover the varied horizon of the Fine art photography. The works of the six artists under 35 years give us an insight into all current tendencies of the Hungarian photography scene. The project-based series are ranging from the participatory documentary through capturing the changing city landscape as well as featuring the intimacy of a photo diary to the self-reflective approach of the medium.

The exhibition is framed by BUDAPEST PHOTO FESTIVAL 2017, realized in cooperation with Photon - Center of Contemporary Photography


<3 Robert Capa Grand Prize 2016 <3
It' s a great honour and pleasure, that the series 'If you have a heart, what you did to me hurts you too' was awarded with the Capa Grand Prize Hungary in 2016. 

Many thanks to the members of the Folk Choir of Vámospércs for accepting me and honouring me with their love:
Sándor Józsefné Margit néni, Molnár Imréné Erzsike néni, Szabó Bálintné Eszti néni †, Fagyal Marcsi, Kacsándi Mihályné Icuka, Deák Mihályné Magdika, Kozáb Sándorné Julika, Szabó Mihályné Ica néni, Zudor Sándorné Manyi néni, Feskó Katika, Tarr Imre, Forróné Kathi Ildikó, Fagyal Gáborné Marika, Karakóczi Lajosné Rózsika, Meggyesi Imréné Marika, Barta Gyuláné Margit, Csere Istvánné Gizike, Kocsmáros Gyuláné Piroska néni, Kocsis Józsefné Erzsike, Kötél Imréné Erzsike

Thanks to the local government of Vámospércs, to the employees of the community centre, to my parents and to all who helped through the work:
Fátyol Zoltán, Kányási Holb Margit, Horváth Nándor, Holb Ferencné, Holb Ferenc, Ménes Andrea, Diósné Kozma Erzsébet, Hajdúné Kupa Csilla, Nyakas Gáborné, Pólos Zoltán, Nemes Ágnes, Böjte Ágnes, Domanovszy Dorottya, Mesterházy Mónika, Jeremy Braverman, Károlyi Júlia, Falvai Mátyás, Szécsényi Ádám, Mélyi József, Dunai László, Kocsi Olga, Gellér Judit, Péter Gábor, Huszár Orsolya, Kanyó Kornél, Oravecz István, Gryllus Ábris, Kozma Eszter, Tóth Krisztina, Fábián Noémi, Fehér Adrienn, László János, Varga József, Lehó István, Lehóné Szőke Irén."

Group exhibition / RE:PETA / Petőfi Literary Museum, HU

Re: peta
12. October - 31. December, 2016
Contemporary video art exhibition in the Petőfi Literary Museum, Budapest, HU

participating artists: Erika Baglyas, Ágnes Eperjesi, Marcell Esterházy, Viola Fátyol

Solo exhibition / STAYS BETWEEN US / Ferenczy Múzeum, Szentendre, HU

Stays Between Us
Ferenczy Múzeum, Szentendre
2016. szeptember 3 - október 2.
curator: Szilágyi Zsófia

"Laconic, intimate photos, expression attempts.  
Viola Fátyol carries out self-searching photo analysis in a context that is given and unavoidable for all of us: in the inexhaustible heritage of unbreakable family ties written in our faces.  
The 30-year old artist searches for her place in her own family, evokes and relives memories in her play consisting of clear-cut images, breaking away from real relationships and personal experiences, thus creating general symbolism."
The exhibition was part of the Art Capital 2016 Festival, and featured the Family Drawing and In Between series.


Solo exhibition / IF YOU HAVE A HEART... / UMPRUM, Galerie 207, Prague, CZ

If you have a heart, what you did to me hurts you too
23 - 26. May, 2016
Academy of Arts Architecture and Design (UMPRUM), Prague
artist presentation: 24 May, 2016

Exhibition and lecture in the pop-up gallery 'Galerie 207' of the Supermedia Department at UMPRUM, Prague

Press / 10 Favorite Photos of Viola Fátyol / Bird in Flight

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Press / Uncovering the unique vision of Budapest's best photographers / The Calvert Journal

It's very honoring to be included in this selection of The Calvert Journal.

Kiállítás / PHOTOGRAPHY (THE RETOUCHER) / Trapéz Gallery, HU

Photography (The Retoucher)

An exhibition of Viola Fátyol and Anna Nemes
Curated by: József Mélyi
 03. 11. 2015 - 04. 12. 2015

"The concept of the exhibition was inspired by Pál Zolnay’s film from 1972: Photography (its working title during the shooting: The Retoucher). In the film two young gentlemen, a photographer and a retoucher, set off to go to the countryside, impressed by an idea conceived during a New Year’s Eve in Pest. They go from house to house in a village, offering their services: they prepare portraits of the residents or fix old photographs. In a short time it turns out that the majority of the people do not wish to see the raw reality recorded by the photographer, but rather prefer the work of the retoucher, the modified, idealised picture. In the meantime, from the conversations during the taking of photographs and the memories connected to the photos, stories of families and personal tragedies of people unfold – the creators face all this in a stunned way and, apparently, without any proper means.

In the centre of the exhibition, Photography (The Retoucher), stand the image creators of today; two young women, a photographer and a painter search for the possible tools of grasping reality in Budapest. The two artists did not know each other earlier; the project has formed through several meetings and conversations, proceeding from an idea of the curator. The double self-portarits of Viola Fátyol and Anna Nemes are at the same time personal prints and impersonal examination of approaching reality. The photographic portrait fixes a moment lifted from time, it records a given system of relations, and only the beholder, the after-ages of the recording may judge its composition, its reality, its truth or falsehood."

Press / In focus: 29 women photographers picturing the new east / The Calvert Journal

In focus: 29 women photographers picturing the new east

"With cameras in hand, women are leading the way in defining the visual identity of the new east. Reclaiming their gaze from a conservative, male-dominated society, they are exploring gender roles and sexuality, myths and archetypes, the body, landscape and the urban environment."